Hardware Engineer?

Thanks to my undergraduate major (computer engineering) and lifelong impact from my dad, I have a chance to learn hardware knowledge/circuit design. This is a unique experience/add-on for people who deal with software day and night. I treat this as one of my hobbies rather than skills. And fortunately, I have successfully applied my knowledge in  prior course projects/research.

Our senior design project, “Intelligent Eye”, uses binocular vision to achieve human detection and autonomous navigation. As one of the requirements, we have to build our own PCB from scratch. Following are schematic and actual PCB. Most of the components are soldered by ourselves. If you are interested, please check our video and project website.


Intelligible Eye Schematic


Intelligible Eye PCB

Another project that I helped with is Power Sandbox. I built a prototype for WIFI power measurement based on BeagleBone Black with WIFI cape.


BBB with WIFI Cape


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